Aaron Hardin Photography

Although I love designing logos for friends, they always take 10x longer to complete. A third of the reason for this is that logos take a long time to design for anyone. Logos are deceptively simple. Another third of the reason is that I tend to be a perfectionist on logos because this is what a business builds its identity on. The last third of the reason for taking so long on friends’ logo projects is the worst reason of all: they’re my friends. Poor Aaron had to wait a long time for me to finish a logo for his photography business. Continue reading

Speak Up Tour

A few months ago I was approached by the Starnes Group to design a campaign identity for the SpeakUp College Tour presented by Kyros Entertainment. The tour is designed to present brands such as Tyndale, Nav Press, LifeWay, Intervarsity, CCM, One campaign, The House Studio, Kerusso, Provident, EMI, Light Gives Heat, and more to students at Christian colleges. Continue reading

Casey Brewer: Wedding Shower Invite

I’ve been designing a lot of invitations lately. The nice thing about designing invitations for events such as wedding showers is that there is no pressure to sell a product or service. Basically, you can pretty much design the first thing that pops in your head. Chances are, it’s going to work. Because you’re not targeting a demographic, there are less politics involved. This opens a lot of creative possibilities and I can explore new genres. Continue reading

Casey Jones Village: Museum Ribbon Cutting

One of the first projects I did for Casey Jones Village was a promotional campaign for the grand opening of their train museum. I have seen my fair share of grand openings and they are generally not very impressive. At best, they tend to be an admirable effort. That is, until this museum opened. I was overwhelmed by the energy and excitement of everyone present. That is the kind of energy and excitement that inspires me to rush into the studio and get back to work. Continue reading

Art Under a Hot Tin Roof

Campaigns present different challenges than stand-alone pieces. For starters, each piece in a campaign, whether it be an ad, a marketing endeavor, or, as in this case, an event promotion, bears a portion of the overall responsibility. In stand-alone pieces, you have one shot to get the message across. What you say has to appeal to a broad audience. In a campaign, each piece is responsible for a segment of the audience. This project promoted a three-day grand opening event for a new art and jewelry gallery in Memphis, TN. Each day targeted a distinct audience. Continue reading

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