The restaurant concept: based on a flight of wine, all entrees, desserts, drinks, salads, and soups are served in three small portions rather than a single large plate/glass. This gives each customer a unique dining experience by offering a variety of tastes. Instead of ordering a particular cut of fish, you order the fish flight and enjoy three cuts. The wine flights come with educational notes describing the wine and their origins.

The owner had a vague idea of using wings for his logo. After many sketches, we settled on a classic fork-and-knife motif with a wine glass. Playing off of the three glass wine flight idea, we continued using the ‘three’ theme: three tiers on the wings, fork-knife-glass, etc.

The logo turned out well and I’m quite proud of it. My wife and I finally ventured to Memphis to see the logo in action and try the experience for ourselves. There is nothing more satisfying than walking to a swanky, established business and seeing your concepts and hard work plastered everywhere. When entering the restaurant, you have to walk beneath a three dimensional (there’s that number 3 again) carved version of the logo that is 3 or 4 feet wide (in my memory anyway). The logo is also stamped on the menu covers and printed on the receipts. We ordered from the eloquently type-set menus on which  we worked so hard. It was gratifying to say the least.

Next time your in Memphis, I recommend and evening at Flight. These guys have worked extremely hard at getting where they are and it shows.

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